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Charles Napoli was introduced to me by a business partner. From our first meeting, Charles’ attention to detail and dedicated knowledge in tax and business matters convinced me to engage Napoli as my Accountant and Tax Agent.

His understanding of the issues which affect my medical practice and other business interests impressed me from the start.

Being an extremely busy person myself, I require an Accountant who is professional, reliable and thorough. Charles and the Team at Napoli tick all the boxes.

No words can describe my appreciation with the level of service I have received from Napoli.

He is a master of business and investment structures. I will always remember his advice; “Do it right from the beginning.”

It is with pleasure I recommend Charles and his Team at Napoli.

Dr Jason Tan
Founder – Women Centre
Certified Gynaecologic Oncologist
Lead Clinician (Gynaecology/Oncology), WA Cancer & Palliative Care Network
Gynaecological Oncology Consultant Gynaecologic Cancer Service - KEMH & SJOG
Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Notre Dame
Clinical Senior Lecturer, School of Women's and Infants Health - University of WA

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